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Finding Different Views (FDV) captures interesting, revealing, and beautiful aerial views through professional digital videos and pictures. FDV specializes in using drones to capture images for REAL ESTATE, INSPECTIONS, LAND SCOUTING,  BEFORE AND AFTER SHOTS, AND MEDIA CONTENT.  FDV focuses on a quick turnaround (48 hours from drone flight to final digital images) and is based in the Minneapolis area.


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DRONE pricing

exterior drone video


This is Finding Different Views most popular plan creating a beautiful video of the exterior of your property. From capturing amazing 5.4K footage while on site to a less than 48 hour turn around with video editing. In this package you will receive around a 3 minute edited video with 8-12 digital photos.

exterior drone photo


This plan is just if you need the exterior of your property photographed. You will receive 12-20 edited digital photos in less than 48 hours when the pilot gets done shooting. You can add more photos for an extra cost. 

aerial inspection


This plan is for any inspection whether it is a roofs, gutters, or siding we can get close up pictures for you. This also can be for land scouting. Before you buy a plot of land, let FDV come and document the land before buying and get a site analysis from the sky. 

before and after Plan

$200 per project

The before and after plan is a great option for those looking to highlight business or personal project transformations of exterior spaces and structures (landscaping, home renovations, home building, etc.). In this plan FDV will come out and take photos and videos of what is existing, then be in contact with you and come out when you are done to get final shots. Finally we will compose a video for you to use. We also can do a during shots but will need coordination and will cost extra (prices vary on the project)

media content

$150 per hour

This package contains a wide range or services. For content creators no matter the platform (YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram) putting in a couple drone shots can take your video to all new heights. We will shoot anything you desire. 

Custom drone plan

min. $100

Anything you do not see here and you would like FDV to do we are always up for the challenge. Send us a message and we can discuss a plan and price so we can get going on it and create the product you are looking for. 

All plans can be edited and bulk plans can be arranged. please message us with any inquiries or questions you may have. 

Any project outside of 50 miles of Minneapolis extra cost may apply. 



Finding Different Views is now heading inside and can film your whole house. FDV purchased a gimble 4K camera which makes your inside look amazing. We will film your whole house and focus on the selling points of your home. 






Jake Lemke


Tel 651-792-6330

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